Dirt on the Car

Determined to clean up my car, I decided to wash it today. It’s full of dirt, having exposed to the rain and leaves in ITB’s Sipil Parking Lot. I started to wash my aqua-blue car. Well, not only it is full of dirt, but also there’re so many scratches. Some of them, I know I made it myself, while the others, I don’t know what happen. Car, forgive me….

It reminds me of my father saying: “You drive really bad!”


It’s already 6 years that I drive a car regularly and still, I’m such a bad driver. I love to speed, because I drive alone. That’s the main problem. My nature is doing something by my standards. In this term: speed. Safety, it’s second. Good grieve…..

Although I drive more carefully when there’re friends beside me, still, I just can’t change the first priority of driving to safety first. Maybe it’s the reason why I musn’t drive my mom’s burgundy Livina alone.

It’s feels like a lot of years already passed by, and I haven’t change a bit. It reminds me that so many things that I haven’t achieve.

Well, I guess it’s the perfect time to hone my driving skill. Just like my father, if I ever got a spouse, maybe I should be the one who teach how to drive (if the one is not yet ready). But, until then, I must be better at driving. Well, it’s a must, since I have to get my own internasional driving license 🙂

I really wish to work outside Indonesia.

“Some people live their dreams….
Some people close their eyes…..
Some people’s destiniy, passes by…..” -Toto


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