No Skill? Or NoSQL?

It’s already been a year since I first learned the MySQL. SQL in MySQL stands for Structured Query Language, a relational database management system (R-DBMS) widely used in websites around the world. It single-handedly fetch and insert data to a database in many well-structured tables. Now, now. While SQL is good at fetching data, it has a quite limitation that if the data are just too many, the query itself may take a longer time to perform the query. It is usually tolerable, however in game development, it is unforgivable.

Here comes the competitor of MySQL: the NoSQL Database. Contrary to the MySQL which hold data in a well-structured tables, NoSQL stores data in a very ill-structured, or I can say “Unstructured”. Yes, since performance is the highest priority in NoSQL Database, the “unstructured” structure of NoSQL is quite good. Well, if it is not because of my internship projects which demand me to use the NoSQL Database for Game Development, it is highly unlikely that I would touch this right now.
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