Trust or Distrust?

Just got the worst valet parking experience it time.  I lent my car to the valet parking in Siete, Bandung. Two hours later, I found myself in a quite predicament where my car is blocked by some unknown stranger car. I told myself  that’s okay, since it’s valet parking. But what do I got, the people who manage the valet parking said that this car (the blocking one) owner had not parked it in a valet service. He said that the owner didn’t trust them to lent the car key. Damn. Finally, I spent the whole half an hour to tresspass the grass in the parking lot, to bail out my car from the parking lot.

As I drove, his line is still in my mind to the time I wrote this. He didn’t trust. Trust.

Well, I blame him for being stubborn that he did block the other people’s right to park. On the other side, I can’t blame him  because it is human nature to distrust the others. I didn’t say that I trust my car wholly to the valet parking manager, but I trust them to some degree that they will take care of my car. That’s it!

Looking back at the manga called Liar Game, Akiyama Shinichi said we live in the world where people suspicious of the others. Human will always put some degree of suspicion. Human is born to distrust what other people said until at some point, both of you had the understanding to trust each other. The state of distrust and full of suspicion is what lead human to believe only him/herself. It is the biggest human weakness. Not only you become a paranoid, but also at some point, it wil change you from distrust the others into deceiving the others, only to gain personal advantages. If you had already become the latter, then you’re no longer better than the demon itself.

Well, it is not that I said that you have to believe what the others said, but it is a good start for you to open your mind a bit. For example, due to my experience, I will never believe in maid anymore. That’s okay, but never put the hatred and distrust in front of them. Why? Because what you believe is what will happen. If you believe that you can pass the test, most likely that you will pass the test. If you believe that he/she will betray you, that’s what will happen. World itself is like a mirror of yourself. What you do is what you will get. You sow what you reap. If you show a smile to the others, the other will smile, too. If you frown all day long, the others won’t greet you too. If you don’t believe in them, they too won’t uphold the trust. If you got too suspicious of them, most likely that they will betray you too.

Trust is the key to success. I remembered Mr. Mary Handoko once said that trust is the most important thing in business. Gaining trust is no simple task, but after you get the trust, everything will go smoothly. Do not ever try to break the trust, as it will lead to the crumbling of your past success. They won’t even bother to trust you anymore if you ever break their trust. Gaining trust is a hard task, however regaining the trust is a much harder task.

Now, learn to trust the other, but prepare somekind of pre-caution action in case of something bad happen. Although Liar Game is only a manga, the moral story contained inside is true. If you form a team based on trust, you can do much more rather than relying only on your own self. If people would trust their leader, and the leader would trust the people, the country will prosper. If you trust your God’s decision and destiny, peace is what you will find. Oh yeah, the most important thing, never lose your faith to God, since He is the only one who knows what’s best for you.

“A man must never go back on his word”

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