Piracy is not a Theft

Yesterday, I saw this funny post on 9Gag:


Well, this image is quite funny. This image justify the means of piracy. Well, it’s a matter of perspective to see whether piracy is a theft or not.

In that image logic, piracy is not a theft since the pirate doesn’t make the product being sold disappear, rather they copy the product for their own convenience. Is it theft in the image’s perspective? No, maybe not, since the object of the thievery is still out there.

On the other hand, piracy is a devious form of theft, but the object of the thievery is not the product itself, rather the developer’s income is the object of piracy. When they make a cracked version of the product and release it in the “underground” (WTF, it’s a “cloud” computing era, but they still use under “ground” method), the income doesn’t flow to the developer’s anymore. In a sense, pirate stole the income from their rightful owner.

That is the main reason why USA has an idea to abolish the piracy through a ridiculous method called SOPA/PIPA. Piracy also the main reason why gaming industry undergoes a major revolution, from the premium, pricey, masterpiece game to free-to-play, pay-to-win, piece-of-junk game. Because if developer sell a premium game, it will be pirated without a doubt. If you make a free-to-play game, no one will try to pirate the game. Unfortunately, I don’t quite enjoy a lot of these free-to-play game, since most of them lack the quality and the user-engagement.

“He who steal the other people’s right is a man without honor”

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