What I’ve Learned from Games

I feel so old, LOL. I’ve been a video gamer since 4 years old. I dedicate this post as a memoir of my past experience and a nostalgic way to express 15 memorable games that I’ve played. I won’t mention up-to-date games or recently released games in here.

1. Dig Dug

Platform: Windows 3.0

Maybe a lot of people around my age doesn’t know what Dig Dug is. Well, I played this game in the very first laptop I’ve ever touched. I played this in Microsoft Windows 3.0 when I was 4 years old (1995). Yes, it is Windows 3.0 that I touched. The desktop has 6 active windows, each grouped into somekind of folder consisting work tools such as Borland Turbo C++ (WTF that I touched at my age?). Well, at that time, my father hadn’t bought the Windows 95 Toshiba notebook yet.

This is the first video game I’ve ever played. Unfortunately, in those time, the Windows 3.0 laptop has no color scheme, so it’s monochromatic black and white. Here’s the screenshot of the Dig Dug in Apple II OS (I couldn’t find the Windows 3.0 screenshot)

Well, at that time, I only managed to play up to level 7, where the level 3 or above the enemy become harder and some of them can walk through the wall.

What  I learned from this:

A computer is truly an entertainment machine.

2. Prehistorik 2

Platform: Windows 3.0

Still the old and memorable game, this is the first platformer I’ve ever played. Still in the old Windows 3.0, I found this game pretty interesting. In this game, I played as a prehistoric man in his quest finding food. I remember that some secrets need you to fly using hang glider in level 5 (What? hang glider in prehistoric era?). Here’s the screenshot of Prehistorik 2.

What I learned from this:

A game is something with goals, rewards, and punishments.

3. Chip’s Challenge!

Platform: Windows 95

It’s the first game I’ve ever played in Windows 95. It is included in Windows Entertainment Pack,  with the infamous Ski Free. It’s a game where the geek is tasked to collect every chips scattered around the level.

Confusing and full of traps, this game had made me paranoid to touch computer, since this game suddenly made the whole laptop frozen (hang). Shit, it was my father’s laptop, and at the time it froze, he departed to United States without this laptop.  It has no reset button! Yes, my uncle plugged a needle to the reset hole in the laptop. For 1 year after the incident occured, I was scared of touching a computer, afraid of hang and blue screen. That’s ridiculous, of course.

What I learned from this:

Always bring needle just in case the Windows 95 froze.

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