On the crossroad, beginning to ponder which path should I pick. There are two ways in front of me. One leads to direct career path or may be post-graduate abroad programs. The other is a fast-paced way to proceed to the post-graduate title, called fasttrack.

Fasttrack is my college program which make those who undergone it will reach the Bachelor and Master degree only in 5 years, contrary to my college standard 4 years of undergraduate program and 2 years of master program. It might not be quite tempting to take, but looking at the current situation, it’s hard to get a job (I can’t make a job, yet) by just having a bachelor degree.

I am not quite sure which path I should take.

A partner of mine asks me to go down the fasttrack path. Once, I declined that path, in the pursuit of a direct career path. However, that statement was made a long time ago before I already reach this crossroad. Now, I’m beginning to ponder my old-undecisive decision. Will I go down the road of a year towards the Bachelor degree, or maybe the road which takes two years with the reward of Master degree?

It’s quite a hard choice. I waited for a day where all of my family can finally gathered, then I asked what are their opinions if I ever take the fasttrack route?

Nobody in my family was against it. In fact, my mother quite happy if I ever choose this path. However, deep down, I still really want to study abroad, and get a job abroad, too. A senior of mine told me it’s far easier to get job out there if you actually attend the post-graduate program out there. I’ve taken my interest in Google, Inc. and I don’t know, if I just take this fasttrack program, can I still be employed there? I don’t know.

However, if I don’t take the fasttrack program, can I still get a scholarship to study in MIT or Stanford? Can I still get a job before getting the scholarship? If I ever got the scholarship to study there, can I still get job in Google? It’s a hard choice.

I am at lost. I just don’t know which path should I take. What should I do?