On the crossroad, beginning to ponder which path should I pick. There are two ways in front of me. One leads to direct career path or may be post-graduate abroad programs. The other is a fast-paced way to proceed to the post-graduate title, called fasttrack.

Fasttrack is my college program which make those who undergone it will reach the Bachelor and Master degree only in 5 years, contrary to my college standard 4 years of undergraduate program and 2 years of master program. It might not be quite tempting to take, but looking at the current situation, it’s hard to get a job (I can’t make a job, yet) by just having a bachelor degree.

I am not quite sure which path I should take.

A partner of mine asks me to go down the fasttrack path. Once, I declined that path, in the pursuit of a direct career path. However, that statement was made a long time ago before I already reach this crossroad. Now, I’m beginning to ponder my old-undecisive decision. Will I go down the road of a year towards the Bachelor degree, or maybe the road which takes two years with the reward of Master degree?

It’s quite a hard choice. I waited for a day where all of my family can finally gathered, then I asked what are their opinions if I ever take the fasttrack route?

Nobody in my family was against it. In fact, my mother quite happy if I ever choose this path. However, deep down, I still really want to study abroad, and get a job abroad, too. A senior of mine told me it’s far easier to get job out there if you actually attend the post-graduate program out there. I’ve taken my interest in Google, Inc. and I don’t know, if I just take this fasttrack program, can I still be employed there? I don’t know.

However, if I don’t take the fasttrack program, can I still get a scholarship to study in MIT or Stanford? Can I still get a job before getting the scholarship? If I ever got the scholarship to study there, can I still get job in Google? It’s a hard choice.

I am at lost. I just don’t know which path should I take. What should I do?

3 thoughts on “Fasttrack?

  1. #mungkin

    Participate in open source project, make your own name, put it in CV. Your way might be easier. While doing OS project you can go direct path, or fast-tracking. Both are preparation. But with OS project people will know how you work, and that can make them easier to make decision.

  2. Congratulations for have chosen the fast track path 🙂
    There are so many open source project out there. You can find many in Apache or just search for game programming libraries like Allegro, Ogre, and many more.
    Participating in one is not that simple. You must be active in the community, swallow the huge code base, and find time to contribute.
    Good luck 😀

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