Everybody can be a Game Developer

I got a message from my colleague in my campus, he proposed a game design and ask would I join him. I guess it’s interesting enough.

However, I suddenly realized this today, that everyone can be a game developer. No matter if you’re kids, grown-ups, housewives, girls, boys, geeks, etc. If you have an idea, you can just pour it into a game. Yes, our imagination is unlimited, and almost anything we think can be poured into a game concept. The next question is how to craft the idea into a real game concept.

I got this statement from my professor in Interactive Design Class. A game is just a mere interactive that have a definite rules that define which is win, and which is lose. Reward and punishment. The others are the make-up to make it beautiful.

That’s what makes game interesting, you can see what the goals are, but hide the lengthy solution to achieve those goals. Oh yeah, it’s important to remember that RPG is not defined by how to win the game itself, but how the story and core gameplay are presented to the players.

Know you all know a fctor what makes game is, then I ask you a question: “Will you be brave enough to take the first step in making your game into reality, or just keep dreaming?”

Well, I guess I could put this in my thesis. 😀

The Past, The Mistakes, and The Make It Up

“No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is strive to make up for our mistakes. Why must we make up for our mistakes, you ask? Because in so doing… we can find the way back to our path. And once we’ve found our path, we can move on from our past mistakes toward a brighter future.”

– Phoenix Wright from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Rise from Ashes
Very interesting quotes… Phoenix Wright never ceases to amaze me, right? OBJECTION! 😛

Final Project – part 2

Alright, here I come. Well, I am happy.

Yesterday, I decided to approach one of the software engineering teacher to ask about the topic of my final project. I know my friend, AR, and I would go separate ways if we come along to this way. He chose the NLP, and I chose to continue my long-term plan for my thesis in post-graduate program. I know, we already chose a different path, whereas he took the computer science path when I took the software engineering path for our magister program.

For a long time, I’ve got something on my mind: Game Development Lifecycle. Yeah, it’s a custom-made software development lifecycle (SDLC) which specifically run in game development industries. The focus is to perform a good game development process and successfully deliver a good product. However, as the name implies, it heavily run in “gaming” term, whereas a lot of people think that game is not somekind of research topic. That’s why for a long time I decided to bury this idea. However, I’ve made up my mind. I did choose to stand on my two feet by choosing this topic.

Thus, the story began.

I decided to met the most famous software engineering teacher by the alias of Mrs. YW. I asked her about the topic, and she responded positively. I did ask about whether I could just use this topic in both my final project and my thesis, she said yes, as long as I could find the specific things that I want to study. She said as long as I did my best, she would be gladly to support me. And yes, I guess I just got first step towards getting a mentor.

Well, thank you Mrs. YW. I guess I should use my IEEE Computer Society account to my fullest right now. Now, it’s paper time.

Final Project – part 1

Final Project. As the name implies, it is all about the research. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to met a teacher who has knowledge about server and cloud computing. He and I planned something: his topic will be the AI-based agent which will be placed in a server, while I do the cloud computing and multiplatform client management using mobile devices.

Let’s say that the teacher’s alias known as Mr. AIK. When my friend and I met Mr. AIK, we were shocked. Before we told our intention, we were given several topics. They are:

  1. Development of distributed file system based-on peer-to-peer connections.
  2. Module development and file system sync patching in Alfresco.
  3. Real-time OS using Xenomai for Aviation System
  4. NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming
  5. Scalable server architecture benchmarking

What the… none of us know everything the above, except the latter. Well, I guess we should rethink our plan. I thought that maybe asking Mr. AIK to be my mentor will be too much, or should I say, we are in a very different level. Maybe I should go with my first plan, about the game development lifecycle, or maybe search for another web-service based software? Or maybe I should take natural language processing and make a dialogue-driven application? Who knows? Heaven knows.

Old SIM Card

Last night, my cellphone suddenly can’t recognize my SIM card. I got a premonition, maybe it’s the cellphone, or maybe it’s the SIM Card itself. By the time I got home, I tried my father’s SIM card and attached it in my phone. Voila, it’s okay. When I tried to put my SIM card to my father’s, it got a problem. It’s quite hard to recognize the SIM card, though it succeed.

Well, my SIM card has been with me for 10 years already. Yup, never even once I did lost my phone since 2002. And yeah, I must face the truth that it’s 10 years already, so I think it’s normal for my SIM Card to defect. 10 years is quite a long time. I saw the markings in the SIM card, it has been filled with several “scars”.

10 years old SIM card

Thank you for being my faithful companion for this 10 years. I guess I’ll just replace you with a new one this morning. You’ve done a great deed serving your master.