Final Project – part 1

Final Project. As the name implies, it is all about the research. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to met a teacher who has knowledge about server and cloud computing. He and I planned something: his topic will be the AI-based agent which will be placed in a server, while I do the cloud computing and multiplatform client management using mobile devices.

Let’s say that the teacher’s alias known as Mr. AIK. When my friend and I met Mr. AIK, we were shocked. Before we told our intention, we were given several topics. They are:

  1. Development of distributed file system based-on peer-to-peer connections.
  2. Module development and file system sync patching in Alfresco.
  3. Real-time OS using Xenomai for Aviation System
  4. NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming
  5. Scalable server architecture benchmarking

What the… none of us know everything the above, except the latter. Well, I guess we should rethink our plan. I thought that maybe asking Mr. AIK to be my mentor will be too much, or should I say, we are in a very different level. Maybe I should go with my first plan, about the game development lifecycle, or maybe search for another web-service based software? Or maybe I should take natural language processing and make a dialogue-driven application? Who knows? Heaven knows.


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