Final Project – part 2

Alright, here I come. Well, I am happy.

Yesterday, I decided to approach one of the software engineering teacher to ask about the topic of my final project. I know my friend, AR, and I would go separate ways if we come along to this way. He chose the NLP, and I chose to continue my long-term plan for my thesis in post-graduate program. I know, we already chose a different path, whereas he took the computer science path when I took the software engineering path for our magister program.

For a long time, I’ve got something on my mind: Game Development Lifecycle. Yeah, it’s a custom-made software development lifecycle (SDLC) which specifically run in game development industries. The focus is to perform a good game development process and successfully deliver a good product. However, as the name implies, it heavily run in “gaming” term, whereas a lot of people think that game is not somekind of research topic. That’s why for a long time I decided to bury this idea. However, I’ve made up my mind. I did choose to stand on my two feet by choosing this topic.

Thus, the story began.

I decided to met the most famous software engineering teacher by the alias of Mrs. YW. I asked her about the topic, and she responded positively. I did ask about whether I could just use this topic in both my final project and my thesis, she said yes, as long as I could find the specific things that I want to study. She said as long as I did my best, she would be gladly to support me. And yes, I guess I just got first step towards getting a mentor.

Well, thank you Mrs. YW. I guess I should use my IEEE Computer Society account to my fullest right now. Now, it’s paper time.


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