Everybody can be a Game Developer

I got a message from my colleague in my campus, he proposed a game design and ask would I join him. I guess it’s interesting enough.

However, I suddenly realized this today, that everyone can be a game developer. No matter if you’re kids, grown-ups, housewives, girls, boys, geeks, etc. If you have an idea, you can just pour it into a game. Yes, our imagination is unlimited, and almost anything we think can be poured into a game concept. The next question is how to craft the idea into a real game concept.

I got this statement from my professor in Interactive Design Class. A game is just a mere interactive that have a definite rules that define which is win, and which is lose. Reward and punishment. The others are the make-up to make it beautiful.

That’s what makes game interesting, you can see what the goals are, but hide the lengthy solution to achieve those goals. Oh yeah, it’s important to remember that RPG is not defined by how to win the game itself, but how the story and core gameplay are presented to the players.

Know you all know a fctor what makes game is, then I ask you a question: “Will you be brave enough to take the first step in making your game into reality, or just keep dreaming?”

Well, I guess I could put this in my thesis. 😀

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