Master Grade XXXG-01W

Being an impulsive buyer is dangerous. However, sometimes, it’s fun. Last Saturday night, I found my desired Gundam model which I’ve longed for years. It is XXXG-01W, Master Grade Wing Gundam.

It’s the first time I crafted a Master Grade model, so I read the whole guide book carefully before crafting it. Unfortunately, it’s written in japanese characters (I don’t know whether it’s katakana or kanji). Well, since in Jakarta I have no equipment, so I postponed the crafting, at least until I arrived in Bandung.

Sunday, Nov 18th 2012

I arrived in Bandung at 4.30 PM. However, it was blackout, so I started to craft at 5.30 PM in my workstation. It’s the whole box containing the MG Wing Gundam.

I prepared a clipper and a cutter. FYI, crafting a Master Grade (MG) require a great concentration for newbie like me. It’s on a very different level when compared to crafting a High Grade (HG) model. The plastics were so hard, even a single splinter couldn’t cut the parts from the frames. Ergo, I used clipper to cut them down.

It took 6 straight hours to complete the whole body. Only the body, without the wings, backpack, and weaponry. It consisted of a body part, a head, a waist part, two hands, and two legs. I finished my work at 1.30 AM. These are some pics of my finished work.

Monday, Nov 19th 2012

I arrived at home at 10 PM. Without further ado, I prepared all of my equipments to continue the work. The rest which I hadn’t done were the backpack, two wings, buster rifle, shield, and beam saber. Compared to the first day work, I thought it’d be easier. No, I had been wrong. The wings are one of the hardest part to craft. It took 4 straight hours to complete. I finished the work at 2 AM, then started to assemble all of the scattered parts. Here’s the pics of a completed XXXG-01W: Wing Gundam.

It’s a cool Gundam with a very high detailed model, I guess. It took 10 hours to complete. The joints are everywhere, even in places that I can’t even comprehend. But, Bandai isn’t playing game with us. They make it so every joint is movable, and has it’s own purposes. Some parts which I thought were useless were showing it’s usefullness when I transform it from mobile suit mode to bird mode. Here’s the pics.


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