Driving Type

I know I should be studying for tomorrow’s exam, but well, sometimes urge to write can’t be stopped.

Dad keeps telling me that I drive too fast. I don’t think I do. However, sometimes I understand that each person has their own standards. Well, I am a family driver, so it’s my priority to keep my passenger feel safe and comfortable. But I too like to maintain my speed standard.

Some of my colleagues driving type (notes, it’s a car):

  1. DPG: he’s a bit daring, sometimes like to show that he can drive fast. But it seems it can do nicely.
  2. LFK: he’s not that daring, but he’s a sudden braker. I felt a bit dizzy when he drove.
  3. HMA: she’s a bit considerate, but I heard that she’s feared by many people since driving too fast.
  4. RA: he’s okay, it’s comfortable when riding his car. I guess he’s a family driver type.
  5. IAA: he’s okay, but kinda reckless in highway.
  6. AAS: I’m terribly scared that he’ll hit something. Very reckless and daring, he likes to rush anytime he can.
  7. SD: he’s a fine driver.

I guess this list will be updated anytime… Sorry if anyone feel judged by myself, but I guess it can be a method to correct our driving method. Cheers…


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