Farewell, Parking Space

Have you ever wondered what if a college reduced their number of parking lot when a lot of people doesn’t even get the space to park their car? It’s happening in my college.

I study in Bandung Institute of Technology or we called ITB. Being the most prominent engineering college in Indonesia, it has a very big flaw: small. It only has three parking lot, managed by ISS Secure Parking:

  1. Civil engineering parking lot (civil parking lot)
  2. Fine arts parking lot (SR parking lot)
  3. Northern parking lot, reserved only for bikes

For two and a half years, I’ve been parking my car in civil parking lot. I’ve already know most of the employees and I enjoy talking with them. I’ve become quite well known among the employees since I am their regular customer. I can valet my car if I don’t get any parking space, and they’re just happy to do that. We’ve already built mutual trust.

Civil parking lot is the biggest parking lot in ITB, but even it merely can handled about 80 cars inside. SR parking lot can only handle about 30 cars. The current condition is about 250 cars are parked outside the campus, because SR parking lot and civil parking lot can’t contain them. That’s the bitter truth. All I knew that a lot of students has already make request to expand ITB’s parking lot since it’s insufficient for students, but all in vain.

However, from December 22nd, 2012 and onwards, the management has decided to close the northern parking lot and make the civil parking lot only for bikes. WTF. I usually park my car in civil parking lot and they know close it from cars!? I don’t know where to park my car anymore. I can’t park my car in SR parking lot because it’s always full. I never get the chance to park there, save for some rare occasion.

A friend of mine just telling me: “You must live with it.” What the….? But it’s the truth, I guess. Well, all I can say now is:

“Farewell, civil parking lot, I’ll be missing you so much.”


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