L. A. Noire

“Make no assumptions until you’ve seen the evidence.” —Rusty Galloway

For years, I’ve been playing a lot of games which have great storylines. Most of them are in the form of RPG or adventure games. Lately, I’ve been playing some mystery games. Well, most of mystery games doesn’t have engaging plot, so I tend to abandon them. However, an intriguing title have captured my attention with it’s engaging plot, namely:

L. A. Noire

L. A. Noire

It’s a 1-year old game already, so OK, it’s a bit rusty. Well, yeah, it’s unusual for me to review a game. L. A. Noire is a crime-detective game. Think of GTA games, however rather than playing as a cold-blood mercenary/hitman, you play as a detective. The game is like a combination of both GTA and Ace Attorney. You play as a cop, Cole Phelps, who had just recently promoted to be a detective. In L. A. Noire, you can free roam the city and save the day from daily crimes such as robbery, theft, murder attempts, etc.

However, you’re tied in a grand case which is related from one case to another, interrogating each witnesses you found, finding the crime evidences, finding the culprit of each case, and ultimately bring them to justice. Phelps ascends through the rank from being a traffic, homicide, to vice detective. It’s a game where doing interrogation at it’s best, deciding whether the witness/suspect is lying or telling the truth, and most of the decision comes from judging the facial reaction of each person.


First thing first as a detective is examining the crime scene, right. That way, you can collect a lot of potential evidences which build up your case. Not every evidence is decisive, but some evidence can give you clear picture which is lie and which is truth. In this game, there’s a sequence of disgusting murder case which I found it’s a bit offensive material. FYI, when doing investigation, Phelps doesn’t use any glove when he holds the evidence. What kind of attitude is that!? Has he got no sense?

Examining corpse's belonging without gloves? Sure...

Examining corpse’s belonging without gloves? Sure…

How interrogation works?

Interrogation is only available for available P.O.I (Person of Interest). Not every P.O.I. will be available for inquiry. Before doing the inquiry, first collect all of the evidence scattered in the current location. Sometimes a new question will only appear after you got the evidence.

When you do the inquiry, you’ll face the witness to state their testimony against the case. For question they answer, you’ll be faced with three options:

  • Truth, if you feel that the witness is telling the truth
  • Doubts, if you feel like there’s missing link in the testimony or you feel like he/she’s lying but you don’t have the decisive evidence
  • Lie, if you feel like the testimony makes no sense and you have the evidence incriminating the lies. You have to backup your accusation with evidence, or else you’ll lose a potential information.
List of question to be asked to the witness/suspect

List of question to be asked to the witness/suspect

Only one answer is true and for each right answer you take, you’ll be presented with 5 exp and sometimes extra informations which leads the investigation smoother. To answer, you should thoroughly read their lines and watch their facial expression carefully.

Here are some screenshots about how the facial expression express their “truth” in their testimony.

A truth testimony from a witness

A truth testimony from a witness

A full of doubt testimony

A full of doubt testimony

Sometimes, a liar can hide his expression well

Sometimes, a liar can hide his expression well

Culprit discovered: Arrest, Subdue, or Kill?

Not every suspect is guilty, but when the culprit is found, sometimes he/she will resist arrest and going to the extreme path: take up arms and begin a shootout, or trying to escape on foot or with car. For the former, you’ll enter a shootout mode, where you must kill every enemy on your path. Always aim for a headshot to reduce ammo expense. For the latter, you’ll do a freerunning chase between you and the culprit. If on foot, sometimes he/she will take a hostage and you have to kill him in one shot, headshot or the hostage dies.

Suspect hold a hostage? Give him a bullet straight to his head

Suspect hold a hostage? Give him a bullet straight to his head

The Verdict

L. A. Noire is an interesting game. You won’t find the game as action as the GTA series, but you’ll feel like playing an old crime drama. For most of the part, this game is not for fun, but for those who likes to think and enjoy the story.


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