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Trend Insights

designs. inspirations. innovations.

It’s the name of the blog. The link to the blog is right here: It’s a blog about the trend of products around us. Well, the first time I saw this, it’s a nice blog with a very eye-catching blogspot themes with a flipcard model. For a blog, I would call this as a gallery rather than as a blog, since Trend Insights’s main content are the pictures themselves.

Some brief review about this blog:

The Design

The themes is interesting. The design is minimalist, ergo it doesn’t try to overtake the attention of reader.

Trend Insights - 1

Since this blog is all about design and products, the themes is quite matching to the content itself. The default view is flipcard model where everything is arranged as a card like in a calendar. Each card shown a thumbnail which express the product being reviewed in the post. Some post doesn’t have the thumbnail since some of the post just embedded video.

The web itself is easy to read, thanks to most of the contents being presented as pictures or video. However, it does come with a price: High bandwidth usage. Sure, it takes quite a while to open the web due to the heavy load of the homepage. To make things worse, the javascript itself causing a quite lag to the browser. Thankfully, there are options to switch the themes design. The easiest theme to view the web is the magazine model.

The Contents

First thing first, I actually kinda confused when seeing this for the first time. The posts are very varied. Technology, you got it; Architecture, sure; Fashion, alright; Product design, yeah. So, what’s this blog about? Actually, the author has a nice way to present them grouped by Label. With this, the post arrangement become more apparent.

Trend Insights - 2 Trend Insights - 3

Actually, just as I said before, the author use this website to post interesting things, such as new gadgets, new architecture, creative advertising, etc. It’s a web full of products, and the main presentation is the the design. You can find a lot of things here, but not every one of those are highly detailed, just some pictures of the products to give you information what kind of products are they.

The Verdict

Trend Insights is a blog which provide you snapshots of interesting designs about many things. It might give you an insight of the products, but it won’t give you a deeper detail about them. For those who like to get some highly detailed news, it’s best to look at the appropriate websites.

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