2012 Technology Predictions, and Reality?

Well, I just read this article called 30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012. Then, it’s aprediction of what kind of technology and trend that would happen in 2012 (well, since the article itself was published in Jan 1st, 2012). Here are some of the predicitions which has already come true.

  1. Gesture Recognition: gesture as input, it’s not that new. Started from Wiimote, Kinect, now even Sony try it’s new Playstation Move to make gesture available as user interface.
  2. No Boundaries: well, it’s been a long time that in-store shopping and online shopping has been integrated as a whole.
  3. Local and Mobile Search: yes, ever since that proximity and GPS enabled devices, we can search anything in our surrounding. For example, let’s say Toresto, an Indonesian mobile apps to search culinary station in a city. Or the augmented reality, location-based Nokia City Lens in Windows Phone 8. All you have to do is use the apps, look at the surrounding, and it’ll show the result of any building around you.
  4. Social Media for Hiring: well, ever since Facebook and LinkedIn widely used to do future-employee profiling, a lot of IT-based companies used this trick to track who you really are. Looking for an IT-based job? Try Interviewstreet.
  5. Chinese Company in Global Market: inevitably true. From time to time, China has emerged from an outsourced manufacturing country to be a powerful force in the global market. Some says that in 2050, China will dominate the market. Err… I hope not.
  6. Cloud-based Documents and Information Resources: who can deny it? Google Docs, Dropbox, Slideshare, and so on has been a big part of our IT life. Even Google Chrome OS  in Chromebook has already reach millions of users. Know what, Firefox OS is trying really hard to push it’s phone as a cloud service computing device too. Moreover, even Facebook now making a Facebook Phone.

Well, the technology has grown in three main focus: Mobile, Cloud, and Service. Who knows what will happen in 2013. FYI, CES 2013 has really interesting devices that will be released in 2013.

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