Blogwalking : Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist?

Creative Generalist is a community web of generalist ideas, news, and perspectives. One of the main goals of Creative Generalist is to introduce broad thinkers with one another. It’s a form of blog which updated at regularly, from which inspiration are drwan from (and relevant to) larger creative world.

Creative Generalist

What’s the point of Creative Generalist?

Well, from the overview page, it’s trying to provide some insight that unlike creativity which stem from specialization of idea, idea itself stems from the broad and general approaches. If Creativity talks about complexity, then Ideation talks about simplicity. Ideas can’t be caged in a simple cage. They need space to run around and occasionally bump into strangers. That’s the whole point of being a generalist.

The Design?

Creative Generalist has a simplistic themes. The page is mostly grayish, with a touch of several black borders. The homepage is full of life, consists of a moving banner and collation of articles. The bottom filled with several latest post and web navigation. The article page is so-so. Mostly wall of words, so some people may think “too long, didn’t read.”

The Contents?

Creative Generalist contents mostly talk about ideation and ideactivity. The blog itself divided into several parts, like interview with several generalists, perpectives about what generalists are, some reviews of something unique, etc. Well, just take a look directly. Some post are interesting to read, however the article organization somehow feel very cluttered. However, it doesn’t mean that it has no information. Some of the interviews are great and have different PoV about something.

The Verdict

It’s a source of some unique information of anything, randomly chosen. Unfortunately, the blog itself (not the Zeitgeist) has been long abandoned since 2012. Most of the contents are not updated since the mid 2012. But still, you can find something useful here.


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