Company Visit: Evening at Nightspade

Nightspade, a quite major game company founded by several of my seniors, is one of the emerging game studio in Indonesia. Yesterday, several representatives of Inkubator IT (including me of course) got a chance to visit the studio and had a sharing session with them.


We arrived at the studio at around 4.40 PM. We started to talk about many things, such as:

  1. The history of Nightspade creation. The story is quite interesting :D.
  2. The production of the games, including creating contract and prototype prior project acceptance.
  3. Project cost measurement.A method to estimate the value of the game production and the value of requirement changing.
  4. How to get publisher. Each publisher will have their own set of specific genre that they’re interested in.
  5. What to do to get client. Basically a networking method, including their way of “spamming“.
  6. How to arrange game project and product. Nightspade doesn’t have many employees, so planning and switching task for each employee become a vital thing.
  7. etc…

What I’m really interested is when they are focusing on creating a solid game developer team, a team which is as solid as rock and gladly create game because they like it. That’s why they said that they will have at most 20 employees for the moment (at least for 2013). They want to make somekind of “happy family”, which is a good thing, of course.

Evening at Nightspade

Evening at Nightspade


Well, what makes me really happy is I got a very good reference book for my thesis. They have a very good book concerning the game production life cycle (which is related to my thesis: game development life cycle). I got a new knowledge, new info, new network, and an enlightment to finish my thesis. I’m very grateful that I didn’t miss this chance. God really knows how to carve your path.

Well, thank you, Teddy Pandu Wirawan and Hasna Tsaniya Rananti, for yesterday’s session. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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