Children & Creativity

Have you ever thought what children usually draw? Mountain with a single road? Well, I don’t even know why children usually draw that. Maybe our educational system which hamper their creative way of thinking.

So? How to improve it?

Kelli Cooper gave us several alternative to enhance their creativity here.

We can give them several games which unbind their way of thinking. Take a look at word games, like scramble or connect. Or maybe visual thinking games, show an image and let them tell you their stories. Or maybe drawing games, give them a sheet of paper, have them draw line or circle, and let them fill the rest with whatever they wanted. Don’t forget to give them crayon or colored pencil to make them experience with different color.

First thing first for children: don’t judge what they do, draw, or write. Just praise them for whatever they write/draw. Let their youth filled with fantasy, because the world is colorful in the eyes of children.

Well, if they can play PC games in their school, I would really recommend Scribblenauts, a creative game which tap your vocabulary and creativity to it’s fullest. It’s really a playground for you and your children. Don’t miss it.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Oh right. Don’t forget about Lego. It’s the only plaything where you can make anything from those bricks. Literally, anything :D.Lego City


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