Autopilot: a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness — Wordnet Thesaurus

It’s a disturbing condition when one trying to do something without one’s will knowing. Just today, I already planned to have a practice in my friend’s place. Unfortunately, my subconscious mind makes me go home. Damn. Well, let’s just say that I have an autopilot program in my brain which drives me home.

What makes autopilot autopilot?

Let’s see from a different perspective: Data Mining Task.

Training data set -> Training/Learning -> Model -> Run Classifier

Training data set is a set of data which is used to train a artificial intelligence. Just call it Machine Learning. When machine got enough data to learn the pattern of data, it makes model, which is the basis to solve problem. In this context: solving problem = classify something. When you provide faulty data set, it will make faulty model, too. So, machine can’t decide to learn which is true and which is false. All it does, it learn to make model to run the classifier. In this faulty system, when you provide the “right” data, it’ll do mistakes. Why? Because the “right” data is not in the model. It’s just noises.

It’s the same with human.

Repetitive actions -> Habit -> Subconscious Will -> Invoke subconscious action

Your repetitive daily actions are the training data set. You learn from your repetitive action and it becomes your habit. When it becomes your habit, it makes a “subroutine” in your brain: subconscious will to do the habit activity. By the time it’s fired, it will invoke it’s most used procedure: the subconscious action.

So, autopilot is made from how human learn, right? Every human has their own autopilot mechanism and it’s shaped by how they interact and do live their life.

Autopilot is so similar with AI. You can’t completely see the whole model (how you think/act), but you can train the whole model to make things right.