Blogwalking: Creative Something

Well, so many blog I’ve stumbled into. This one has piqued my interest.

Creative SomethingThough the name has similarity with several blog I’ve posted, this one’s quite different. Talking how to be creative is not it’s main part. Creative Something is a motivational blog. Recent articles I’ve read talking about be yourself.

“Just do it!” or simply “START!”

Creative Something is written by Tanner Christensen, an entrepreneue from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Creative Something tells that many creativity comes from within. Creativity is depicted with differences, so maybe a lot of people will despise the differences. That’s the main problem. So, just start do it already. Several creation of creative things can be said as creative because they are created.

So, if it isn’t even created, how come one can be said as a creation? If it isn’t even started, how a finish can be achieved? To be creative, you have to start from yourself.

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