Blogwalking: Looking for Website Themes?

Whe you need a website, whether it is personal, product branding, or portfolio, a question arise:

“What should my website looks like?”

It’s a hard question. Sometimes, we have the images in our head, but just can’t pour it out in a befitting way. Well, why not choose a theme from available themes? Sometimes, blogwalking can give inspiration on web design, so here it is, the 80 web designs, compiled by Manda Szewczyk. She divide the category into ten categories.

Feast your eyes upon these.

80 design

Alright, that’s interesting. In several web she posted, there’re several interesting articles in the approriate website, like creative 404 not found designs, client as the creativity killer, a review of IE6, etc. Since it’s a place to look for inspiration, it’s up to you to choose which theme you will use.

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