Online Marketting, Should You Care?

Let’s say that you have a product (application, software, games, food, etc) and you want that product to be well-known by media, what will you do? In the internet era, the fastest and the cheapest way to do marketing is via online marketting or social media marketing. Correct way in online marketing now play a vital role to advertise the products. But, how?

Well, this blog, TopRank, is a web which talk how to manage the online media marketing, so that the business not failing (who wants the business failing, anyway?). To be frank, this web handled by a digital marketing agency, so the suggestion here should not be taken lightly.


Point of Interest

Alright, there are two articles which has piqued my interest:

  1. Social Media Marketing talks about the failure of using social media when you can’t meet the user expectation. Supposed you have a FB product fanpage or twitter, a lot of people will post their insight and their complain directly. Yep, complain, that’s right buddy, complain. Social media means direct access, anytime, so should you respond it late, it’ll be bad. Don’t forget about the content. One page might be managed by several people, each with their own different degree of understanding to the product. Keep the information posted coherent, not contradictive.
  2. Search-engine optimization vs Content Marketing talks about two pivotal role in marketing the product, SEO in term of search engine visibility while content marketing in improving buying cycle. The problem arises here is when you have limited resource & time, you can only choose one. This article shows that each need require different approach. If you want to expose more, choose SEO. If you want to improve the customer relationship, choose content marketing.

The Verdict

Well, many good articles posted in here. However, I am not the type which loves to do marketing (I’m an engineer, what I do is creating). But I can say for sure that this web can give a lot of insight to do better online marketing. The webdesign somehow too colorful, but it’s okay.

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