Blogwalking: JWT Intelligence Review

Information has always been an integral part of business. Infographics become tool to see the information about global trend.

JWT Intelligence is a portal of global trend, whether it’s culture, business, or technologies. It’s a part of J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Company, self-acclaimed best known marketting communications brand.

The Content

Living up to it’s name: Intelligence, JWT Intelligence provides atricles about what’s currently happenning now. For me, the interesting articles are those which talk about technology.

  1. Facebook banking and cardless ATM. Well, in United States, mobile banking has been widely spread as another way of doing transactions. Even several banks experimenting on how to integrate the “mobile way” and the secure banking, such as using biometric & voice recognition, Facebook integration, cardless ATM or E-wallet, etc. However, it poses a threat to a higher level: losing your handphone means not only losing your communication device & it’s contacts, but also means losing your bank access. Scary, isn’t it?
  2. Shoppable TV. Even now certain TV channel co-relate themselves to several product. The dream is to make even a TV program become a retail outlet where anyone can buy item just from sitting in front of TV. Amazing, but does it offer good security?
  3. Between search and purchase. Searching via mobile search engine becomes more natural and frequent for most people. A recent study shows that a lot of searches shows that most of searching about restaurant actually lead people to having dine there.

The Verdict

Looking for news about trend or advertisement? JWT Intelligence might be the answer. Be aware though, this web quite take a heavy bandwidth.

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