Between Business Idea in 2011 & 2013

Alright, it’s already 2013 and still we look back to the past, the previous business idea. This article: 45 Business Ideas We Loved in 2011 is written as the summary of what happen in 2011, since this is written in Dec 31st, 2011. bnd-logo
Some of those idea still linger today or even better compared to then.

  1. Online video production.
    This has been known since a long time ago, but can you imagine that via personal uploaded video, “Harlem Shake” in 2013 become a global trend. Even several advertisement using the Harlem Shake style.
  2. Tablet App Development.
    Well, in 2011, tablet has become a rich farm for those mobile app developer (back then, it’s just. Today? Still, it’s a good farm, but with the coming of Windows 8 in 2012 as the OS for both tablet and computer, a lot of app development has shifted focus from just making the tablet version apps into making their Windows-style apps.
  3. App Designer.
    Having an online media for business company is a-must, whether in a form of website, Facebook Page, Twitter, or blog. Now, having secondary approach: mobile apps, become essential. Unfortunately, many of those companies don’t have their in-app designer. Well, nowadays it’s become more popular that start-up companies given project to build the mobile apps for those companies.
  4. Tablet Repair
    A lot of people has tablet, but when one is broken, do they try to fix it? Don’t worry, even now you can repair one yourself by going to iFixit website and practice their Do-It-Yourself step-by-step tutorial to fix your own tablet.
  5. E-commerce
    With e-wallet, doing e-commerce is much more easier than before. Even now smartphone can be a wallet.

So, do you think that these activities can be improved in a more innovative way?

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