What would You Do if you have Time Machine?

Well, what would you do?

A lot of people, including me, think of fixing the past. But, will it work well? Fixing the past won’t make you the you today. We are shaped by our past, and that what makes us wise. Fixing past is just an excuse for running away from problem.

What about seeing the future? No, it won’t work as well. Rather than seeing how destiny leads me, I prefer shaping my own destiny. Well, let’s just watch how the story unfolds.

Taken from a small talk with my close friend. He’s a successful person, gaining a lot of champion title, gain fame, colleagues, a lot things. But, for some reason, we had this talk. Both of us are scared that what if our dreams can’t be fulfilled. What are we doing right now? Will we choose a simple, stable job for our future, or choose a life with constant challenge, but fulfilling? What if we fix our past, does it makes us what we are now?

I still strive for that dream. And, No, I don’t need time machine. Because God knows.

“Life doesn’t always turn out exactly how you plan it. Sometimes, just sometimes… it turns out better.” — Mitch Planko, the Change Up

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