Brightspot Market

A grand exhibition in a grand mall for independent creative industry. That’s what a Brightspot Market is. Brightspot is an indie exhibition held in West Mall, Grand Indonesia (GI), Jakarta. The tagline: “Curated Market of All Things Cool” shows that this is an expo to show any cool products, made-in-Indonesia. It’s feels incredible (in-credible, if you know what I mean) that even my people could create products displayed here.


The number of visitor in the Brightspot is also quite high. Most of the products shown here was related to fashion. Some stands displayed clothing, accessories, or cute stationaries. There are also food court here, so visitors don’t have to go downstairs to 3rd floor to get some food. Yep, the expo is so colorful and very well designed. To be frank, the expo layout is quite good, but the iron frames around the expo venue give a disturbing feels.

Brightspot-Cam Brightspot-FoodCourt

Pics credits to Andika M.

Well, since the Brightspot held in classy mall, GI, the price also quite high. If you don’t prepare your wallet, you might miss the chance to buy those items. For the next info where Brightspot will be held, just go to it’s website.


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