Teater Epik: Taraksa

It’s a name of the theatre performance: Taraksa. It was held at Feb, 27th in Dago Tea House, Bandung. It’s a theatre performed by several of my classmate, so we decided to watch it together.

Teater Epik Vol 5: Taraksa

Teater Epik Vol 5: Taraksa

The Plot

Taraksa is love story about the children who worshipped the moon. In village called Ahimsa, lived the protagonist, Taraksa (pronounce: Tah-rak-sah), a shy young man who fell in love with a beautiful girl called Chiandra (pronounce: Kay-ahn-drah). Chiandra reached out Taraksa‘s hand to invite him dancing, but he refused. Taraksa was just to shy to accept the offer. Until it was too late. The village had a custom: sacrifice a girl to the moon so the village could prosper. The sacrifice was Chiandra, so she ascended to the moon as the sacrifice.

Taraksa, foolishly rejected her offer and recently realized his feeling towards her, enraged and tried to find his way to take Chiandra back to earth. He consulted to Balu, his friend. “We are the children of fate” said Balu, tried to make Taraksa realize that trying to defy fate was useless. Taraksa made up his mind and finally he ascended through the 5 skies and pass through each challenge. Up to the point he finally reunited with Chiandra, she told him that it was impossible to bring her back to the earth, as she already made up her mind as the moon’s sacrifice. Cried, Taraksa finally flung back to the earth empty-handedly. His final words:

“If only, I accepted her offer back then”

The Gallery





Prior the Performance

Prior the Performance

Us with Chiandra

Us with Chiandra

The Verdict

Taraksa was a good performance. The story was quite short, but the orchestra was commendable. The moral story of Taraksa:

  1. Do not wait until it’s too late
  2. Muster up your courage
  3. Fight for your loved ones

You know what’s more interesting? Even though the story of Taraksa doesn’t end well (bad ending), the story of the actor of Taraksa & the actress of Chiandra, ends well. The most epic part of this performance “The Actors Confession” shown in the video below:


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