Morning at Kepompong Gendut Production House

I’ve never been to a production house (PH) before so this is my first time visiting a PH. The name of the PH is Kepompong Gendut, a PH created by an ITB alumnus from Architecture. Currently handled by a person called Sammaria Simanjuntak. Kepompong Gendut (also known as Fat Cocoon) currently consists of 6 people only (it’s small, isn’t it?). Sammaria told us that she quits her job to pursue her passion: the film-making. She is a very dedicated to her passion.

What Fat Cocoon has produce? Fat Cocoon dedicated in making indie short films. Due to their limited people, they usually do crowdfunding before making a product. Several of their products:

  1. Cin(T)a
    A romance between two different believes which cause a rift in their relationship.PH-cin(T)a
  2. Demi Ucok
    A story of women who defied to follow her mother’s footsteps and chose to pursue her dream.
    PH-Demi Ucok
  3. Google Chrome: Blood for Life
    It’s a big project from Google, advertising the power of google web applications.

Their studio is small, but filled with homy atmosphere. It’s just feels like they are not working as professional, but as a family. All of them really pour their heart into their products. I like their studio. I guess, if I have my own game studio, I’ll make it like their studio. Good luck for Fat Cocoon next project!


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