Your Job is NOT Your Career

A random conversation in the bar:

“What do you do?”
“I’m a consultant.”
“Do you like it?”
“Well, the payment is good, I have a significant position, and the facility is excelent. Yes, I do.”
“Are you happy?”

If your job is your career, the answer will be “Yes!” However, somehow people got mixed up between the definition of career and job.

Job is not the same as Career

Job is only a vehicle that can take us to a place we want. Job belongs to the company. You may have attachments to your job, but it is not and will never be yours.

Career is more like the journey itself. Career belongs to you. You may ride different vehicle to reach the destination. The journey may be smooth or full of obstacle. Each journey is unique, one can’t compare one journey to another.

Job vs  Career

Job talks about payment and job description.
Career talks about your passions and your dreams.

Your parents, professors, or company might decide what your job is. But no, they can’t decide your career. Only you can decide what your career is.


What’s your consideration before applying job? Beside educational background, most people consider the payment and the facilities as their top priorities. Some thinks that by having an outstanding job, one will achieve something more. It’s not wrong. What is job and what are it’s concern?

  • Tools for company to achieve it’s target
  • Media for individual to achieve their daily needs
  • Path to develop personally & professionally
  • Vehicle to gain personal achievement & give something to community

Most people are trapped in the paradigm “having appropriate job is better than not having a job”. What about “Having the right job is better than just having appropriate job”?

Have you ever wondered what if you quit your job, losing both your job and your status? Well, you don’t know what you have got until you lose it.


Career is different from job. Your career belongs to you. Your job should never define you, but your career is you. Career is all about yourself:

  • How to know yourself
  • How to live a meaningful life
  • How you want to be remembered when passed away
  • How to achieve the happiness

Your boss might take your job away, but he can’t take your career away. No one can decide what your career is but you. Your career is driven by your passion. Your career is unique. And not every job is in line with career.

Passion and the Pursuit of Happiness

Job is never meant to be burden. For those who quit their job because they said they already found their calling, it’s okay. It’s the passion’s calling. What’s a passion?

Passion is NOT the same as Hobby

“What’s your passion?”

“Swimming”. That’s not a clear-cut answer. It hangs between hobby (what you usually do) and passion (have a clear goal).

“Writing, I want people to enjoy my writing.” It has a specific goal that he/she want the product of his/her being enjoyed by people. Passion, gives both feelings of fulfillment and containment.

Passion is the state of being, Ambition is the act of becoming

Well, both passion and ambition has objectives/goals, but has different domain. Passion comes from within, and by doing that you feel joy and relief. The orientation of passion is the journey. Ambition comes from outside, and a form of trying to reach specific sense of achievement. The orientation of ambition is the result.

Passion is in the Activities, NOT the Jobs

Everybody wants to be happy. Passion is something that makes you happy just by doing it. Most of the times, what you do in your job is not what makes you happy, giving a sense of fulfillment, and giving value to your life. Most of the times, what you do in your jobs are merely inline with your educational background. Don’t be trapped in this situation. A matter of quitting/staying is in your hands, but responding the passion’s calling is what you really need.

The Verdict

Your Job is NOT Your Career

Your Job is NOT Your Career”, by René Suhardono

If you feel that you’re not content with your current job, ask yourself: what do you really want? Some people just want to be rich. Why do they want to be rich? Because they want to be happy. Funny, because money can’t buy happiness.

“There are two ways to be rich: one is to have more, the other is to want less.” — Erich Fromm

Taken from “Your Job is NOT Your Career“, written by René Suhardono.

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