Autolock Feature

It’s a uncommon feature for city cars in my country. Well, yeah, I like it.

When I first received this car, I heard my mother saying be careful when starting up the engine, it’ll automatically lock the door after several minutes — If I let that happen, it means I let my engine started with me trapped outside the car. At first I was skeptical, would Toyota make a new stupid feature in their new car? So, I tested it out for two times.

First trial

I let the door open, started the engine, then closed the door. Waiting after several minutes, it didn’t lock. So I drove it several meters, and it automatically locked. “Whoa, amazing,” I thought, since it’s the first time I saw a car lock system which will automatically lock the door after you run it several meters when you forgot to lock the door.

Today, it happened to me that it locked the door after a shorter distance. So, I began to wonder, did it autolock based on the time I start my engine? It makes me curious, so I test the second time.

Second trial

I let the door open, started the engine, then closed the door. After waiting for several minutes, it’s nihil. So, I drove with my first gear and still it didn’t lock after several meters. I hipotesized that the lock only work after I drive with the second gear for several meters, and it works.

The Verdict

Whoa, it’s really useful. Especially if you forgot to lock the door, tha car will handle it automatically for you.

I wonder, if this feature is available in the GTA universe, I guess the player will have a hard time to hijack a car. If it so happen, the name of the game wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto anymore, since it’s impossible to do carjack.