Chasing Perfection


December 28th, 2013.
I had a conversation my parents regarding my preparation for my departure to Japan in January 2014.

Dad  : Have you prepared all the electronics you need there?
Me  : Yeah. Charger for notebook, and for handphones. All adapters are ready.
Dad  : You wouldn’t bring the electric shaver?
Me  : No, I guess. I’ll just bring the razor.
Mom  : He’s still not accustomed to use it (read: electric shaver).
Me  : Well, shaving with the electric shaver leaves several spiky remains. If I use the razor, it’ll be perfectly clean to the skin.
Dad  : But, chasing perfection like that will only hurt you during winter. Since the air is so dry, it’ll be hurt to shave like that.
Me  : …..

Okay, that’s the prologue. My father’s line (read: the emphasized one in bold) still lingers in my head, at least ’till this post was created. I think about it throughly, why it does really hurt when I chase perfection. I am perfectionist, as my father and my older sister are. But the more I think, the more it makes sense.

I am a perfectionist in gaming (or the so-called completionist). When there’s achievement-related activity, I did it ’till I achieve it. For me, completing everything gives so much more satisfaction. However, when I can’t finish the side activity perfectly, sometimes it makes me upset, maybe up to the point I won’t touch the game for several months. Yeah, sometimes, chasing perfection is pretty annoying.

Well, sometimes, chasing perfection is really painful, and it does come with a great cost.
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