Master Grade ZGMF-X42S

When I went to Japan, I bought this model kit: ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode. This was my second Master Grade model. FYI, this model is a beefed up model from the normal MG Destiny Gundam.

Several differences between Destiny Gundam and Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode:

Standard Version Extreme Blast Mode
Internal Frame The entire internal frame + arm are gunmetal black Any exposed frame + arm are shiny chrome plated else are gunmetal
Arsenal Beam Rifle
Arondight Greatsword
Beam Cannon
2 Flash Edge Beam Boomerang
Beam Rifle
Arondight Greatsword
Beam Cannon
2 Flash Edge Beam Boomerang
Palma Fiocina Hand Cannon
Beam Shield Generator
Extras Transparent Kira Yamato figure
Transparent Shinn Asuka figure
Flash Edge Extender
Pair of Wings of Light
Gundam Seed Base
Price Avg. 3500 Yen Avg. 5000 Yen

For me, it takes 16 hours of work. This is the first time for me painting the Gundam with Gundam Marker and Paint Color. My conclusion in using those two: very hard. Painting is not easy for newbie like me. I haven’t apply any dry decal or water decal to it, so it’s quite plain to see right now. The assemby itself is not quite complex (compared to other transformable mobile suits), but the details are amazing. Really worth the price.

This Destiny Gundam is not without problems. The main of this gundam is the waist unit really obstructing the movement, thus only limited to several pose. The other is the wings are heavy, and it is impossible to make it stand when the Wings of Light is attached to its wings. Fortunately this model is provided with default base, but the base itself is not that manuverable. This model really enormous and I don’t know where to put this.


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