When People are Commodity of Social Media Business

I am tired of the people whining about Facebook’s Social Media Experiment. What? People whine that their news feed items actually altered by Facebook so most of their news feed filled by happy-go-round or miserable-kill-me-please status update. From the beginning, all of our news feed items are actually curated by Facebook themselves. Ever since the News Feed default is not “Most Recent” and being “Top News”, it’s actually the time when FB messing around with our news feed. Is it a problem?

Have anyone ever whined about how Flipboard news presented to them? Have anyone ever question about how the ordering of any news aggregator works? What if they actually messing around with our so-called preferences? Have anyone complain about the Google Search Result orders? Complain with Paper? Basically, it’s the same with FB News Feed exposure. Get a grip. We are all the social commodity, the objects being sold. Not content?


2 thoughts on “When People are Commodity of Social Media Business

  1. To Alias: what I pissed off is the fact that people complain a lot for their curated news feed. See what Facebook has done today? It asks me which stories is more related to ad and which isn’t. I completed the survey several times, hoping that the curated stories will presented in a better format. What most people don’t understand they want to control their Facebook (at least, their news feed), when they actually borrowing a lot of resource from Facebook. It really pisses me off.

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