Smartphones Trend: Is Bigger Better?

2014, is the year when small flagship smartphones considered “dead”.

The smartphones trend now follow the same suit: bigger, better. Manufacturer’s flagship phones from year to year always have improvement in CPU’s raw processing power and increment in size. 4.7 – 6 inch, it’s always around that. The smaller variants, like the “mini” version always get reduced power. It’s what has and always been in Android world.

iPhones, were faithfully adhere the principal of: maximum 4 inch let user’s thumb to reach anywhere in screen. But, things changed in Sept 2014 where Apple showcased their first 5 and 6 inch phones, and the world in crazy uproar. Pre-orders are overloaded. It means that people want bigger phones.

But, what about us, some people who still believe that smaller phones is what suit us best. I don’t really know anymore, what kind of “flagship” phones that will still in size of palm. I got into this problem when my sister asked me what flagship Android phones that still have the size of 4-5 inch. She wanted to buy a new phones because Lollipop deteriorated her phone’s performance. But until now, I am still confused.

If Moore’s Law now begin to failing, can this smartphone size trend can be broken?


2 thoughts on “Smartphones Trend: Is Bigger Better?

  1. Tuh, kan! Kakak lu sama kayak gw. Hahaha… Itu juga salah satu alasan gw mau ganti HP. Semenjak dipakein Lollipop jadi lambat HPnya.

    Anyway, rekomendasi buat kakak lu: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

    • It’s kinda hard, Li. HP kakak gw skrg adalah US Moto-X first gen, lollipop bikin panas, terutama utk service yg gw bongkar: Microsoft Exchange Push service (company email). Sejak di-disable, panas-nya normal dan battery usage-nya agak membaik, tapi masih tetep Lollipop bermasalah.

      HP suami kakak gw Z3 compact, dan menurut dia HP-nya kurang feminin. Emang susah sih nyari HP yg masih ada curve-nya biar ga terlalu striking. Kakak gw naksir HTC One M9+ Google Play Edition, krn size-nya kayaknya reasonable, dan stock Android. When, and how much, that’s the problem.

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