Living is like Driving a Car

To live, does it hard? Does it easy? No one knows. It’s really feels like driving a car. Does it hard to drive? It’s up to you.

Living is driving a car. One can determine where the destination, which way to go, and which route to take. But no one can really predict how the traffic really is. Sometimes it is jammed, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes the route is cleared, sometimes it is diverted. Sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes it is jagged. Sometimes, you crashed (hopefully, you don’t :)).

Just like life. One can choose what to do, what to be achieved, and how to live. Sometimes life is smooth, sometimes there is obstacle. Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes one has to change all of the plans. Sometimes one succeeds, sometimes one fails. Sometimes one falls, sometimes one stands up. Sometimes one is granted happiness, sometimes hardship befalls. Sometimes, you got painful memories.

However, the most important part of all:

“See the life through the windscreen, not the rear view mirror”

In the Pursuit of Happiness

It’s a story which makes me think twice about dreaming a happiness. What is a real happiness?

There lived a couple which had been married five years, is still not blessed with a child. Every effort had been done in order to have a newborn baby, from one gynecologist to the others… However, unfortunately it did not bear fruit …. Both of them were very sad. For them, having a child were their everything …

He did not cease to pray to the God. In his own desperation, he said that having a child would be his greatest moment of his life. It would be an achievement for him being ascend from a normal husband to father. If he is destined to have no children, he would feel very miserable, he would not get a happiness. Having a child would grant him a true happiness of his life…If he

Tired of wating, he finally fell asleep. During his sleep, a voice echoed in his head. The voice ask him: “Do you think that if I grant you baby you will feel happy? Do you think that to get a happiness something must be achieved? Do you think happiness is something that is conditional? Look around you, and learn to be grateful for everything around you, human. Then, you will be happy for your life.”

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