A Guidelines of Game Development Life Cycle (v2.0)

This is the revised version of my research during my thesis (see post here). There are many game developers who have proposed their own way to conduct a game development process, and each of them prove their method is successful. Here, in this post, I want to proposed a new approach on how a game development is done.

Let’s call it: GDLC Guidelines

Why Game Development?

Because game has become one of the most prominent industry in this era. Assume there are computer, several programming experience, and willingness to create game, anybody can be game developer, given the circumstances. Anyone can try their own method on how to create games, but this one try to give an insight on how game development conducted, both as engineering process and as creation of art.

The Phases

For the starter, the proposed GDLC consist of six phases which is shown below.

Game Development Phases

Game Development Phases

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