IaaS: iPhone as a Service

During Apple announcement at Sept 9th 2015, there is one kind of controversial announcement related to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In USA, it is considered as normal for people to have 2-years contract with their own carrier which include the iPhone itself. Due to the circumstances, Apple announced the iPhone Upgrade Program, a subscription program with $32/month or $37/month in which you can always have “the latest, up-to-date, unlocked (SIM-free) iPhone” as long as you subscribe directly to Apple.


I know Microsoft made their Microsoft Office from a standalone license program to a subscription license. It is their move to cope with SaaS, Software as a Service. But this, iPhone Upgrade Program? It is basically a device as a service, or should be called IaaS: iPhone as a Service. Many journalistic websites claims it really is a bargain. But, is it?