Morning at Kepompong Gendut Production House

I’ve never been to a production house (PH) before so this is my first time visiting a PH. The name of the PH is Kepompong Gendut, a PH created by an ITB alumnus from Architecture. Currently handled by a person called Sammaria Simanjuntak. Kepompong Gendut (also known as Fat Cocoon) currently consists of 6 people only (it’s small, isn’t it?). Sammaria told us that she quits her job to pursue her passion: the film-making. She is a very dedicated to her passion. Continue reading

Brightspot Market

A grand exhibition in a grand mall for independent creative industry. That’s what a Brightspot Market is. Brightspot is an indie exhibition held in West Mall, Grand Indonesia (GI), Jakarta. The tagline: “Curated Market of All Things Cool” shows that this is an expo to show any cool products, made-in-Indonesia. It’s feels incredible (in-credible, if you know what I mean) that even my people could create products displayed here.


The number of visitor in the Brightspot is also quite high. Most of the products shown here was related to fashion. Some stands displayed clothing, accessories, or cute stationaries. There are also food court here, so visitors don’t have to go downstairs to 3rd floor to get some food. Yep, the expo is so colorful and very well designed. To be frank, the expo layout is quite good, but the iron frames around the expo venue give a disturbing feels.

Brightspot-Cam Brightspot-FoodCourt

Pics credits to Andika M.

Well, since the Brightspot held in classy mall, GI, the price also quite high. If you don’t prepare your wallet, you might miss the chance to buy those items. For the next info where Brightspot will be held, just go to it’s website.

Teater Epik: Taraksa

It’s a name of the theatre performance: Taraksa. It was held at Feb, 27th in Dago Tea House, Bandung. It’s a theatre performed by several of my classmate, so we decided to watch it together.

Teater Epik Vol 5: Taraksa

Teater Epik Vol 5: Taraksa

The Plot

Taraksa is love story about the children who worshipped the moon. In village called Ahimsa, lived the protagonist, Taraksa (pronounce: Tah-rak-sah), a shy young man who fell in love with a beautiful girl called Chiandra (pronounce: Kay-ahn-drah). Chiandra reached out Taraksa‘s hand to invite him dancing, but he refused. Taraksa was just to shy to accept the offer. Until it was too late. The village had a custom: sacrifice a girl to the moon so the village could prosper. The sacrifice was Chiandra, so she ascended to the moon as the sacrifice. Continue reading

Blogwalking: JWT Intelligence Review

Information has always been an integral part of business. Infographics become tool to see the information about global trend.

JWT Intelligence is a portal of global trend, whether it’s culture, business, or technologies. It’s a part of J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Company, self-acclaimed best known marketting communications brand.

The Content

Living up to it’s name: Intelligence, JWT Intelligence provides atricles about what’s currently happenning now. For me, the interesting articles are those which talk about technology. Continue reading

Blogwalking: Looking for Website Themes?

Whe you need a website, whether it is personal, product branding, or portfolio, a question arise:

“What should my website looks like?”

It’s a hard question. Sometimes, we have the images in our head, but just can’t pour it out in a befitting way. Well, why not choose a theme from available themes? Sometimes, blogwalking can give inspiration on web design, so here it is, the 80 web designs, compiled by Manda Szewczyk. She divide the category into ten categories.

Feast your eyes upon these. Continue reading

Blogwalking: Creative Something

Well, so many blog I’ve stumbled into. This one has piqued my interest.

Creative SomethingThough the name has similarity with several blog I’ve posted, this one’s quite different. Talking how to be creative is not it’s main part. Creative Something is a motivational blog. Recent articles I’ve read talking about be yourself.

“Just do it!” or simply “START!”

Creative Something is written by Tanner Christensen, an entrepreneue from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Creative Something tells that many creativity comes from within. Creativity is depicted with differences, so maybe a lot of people will despise the differences. That’s the main problem. So, just start do it already. Several creation of creative things can be said as creative because they are created.

So, if it isn’t even created, how come one can be said as a creation? If it isn’t even started, how a finish can be achieved? To be creative, you have to start from yourself.

Children & Creativity

Have you ever thought what children usually draw? Mountain with a single road? Well, I don’t even know why children usually draw that. Maybe our educational system which hamper their creative way of thinking.

So? How to improve it?

Kelli Cooper gave us several alternative to enhance their creativity here.

We can give them several games which unbind their way of thinking. Take a look at word games, like scramble or connect. Or maybe visual thinking games, show an image and let them tell you their stories. Or maybe drawing games, give them a sheet of paper, have them draw line or circle, and let them fill the rest with whatever they wanted. Don’t forget to give them crayon or colored pencil to make them experience with different color.

First thing first for children: don’t judge what they do, draw, or write. Just praise them for whatever they write/draw. Let their youth filled with fantasy, because the world is colorful in the eyes of children.

Well, if they can play PC games in their school, I would really recommend Scribblenauts, a creative game which tap your vocabulary and creativity to it’s fullest. It’s really a playground for you and your children. Don’t miss it.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Oh right. Don’t forget about Lego. It’s the only plaything where you can make anything from those bricks. Literally, anything :D.Lego City