Dirt on the Car

Determined to clean up my car, I decided to wash it today. It’s full of dirt, having exposed to the rain and leaves in ITB’s Sipil Parking Lot. I started to wash my aqua-blue car. Well, not only it is full of dirt, but also there’re so many scratches. Some of them, I know I made it myself, while the others, I don’t know what happen. Car, forgive me….

It reminds me of my father saying: “You drive really bad!”


It’s already 6 years that I drive a car regularly and still, I’m such a bad driver. I love to speed, because I drive alone. That’s the main problem. My nature is doing something by my standards. In this term: speed. Safety, it’s second. Good grieve…..

Although I drive more carefully when there’re friends beside me, still, I just can’t change the first priority of driving to safety first. Maybe it’s the reason why I musn’t drive my mom’s burgundy Livina alone.

It’s feels like a lot of years already passed by, and I haven’t change a bit. It reminds me that so many things that I haven’t achieve.

Well, I guess it’s the perfect time to hone my driving skill. Just like my father, if I ever got a spouse, maybe I should be the one who teach how to drive (if the one is not yet ready). But, until then, I must be better at driving. Well, it’s a must, since I have to get my own internasional driving license 🙂

I really wish to work outside Indonesia.

“Some people live their dreams….
Some people close their eyes…..
Some people’s destiniy, passes by…..” -Toto


It’s been a long time since we’ve released this game. Who are we?

We are simply Wonderworks Studio 🙂

First thing first, the group is not the same as the Wonderworks Studio I’ve been saying in the last post. We are:

  1. M. R. Al-Ghazali, the extraordinary Project Manager
  2. Faisal Ibrahim H, the miraculous Programmer
  3. Rido Ramadan, the passionate Technical Manager
  4. Nadinastiti, the lively Designer
  5. Ricardo Pramana S, the busy Backsound Engineer
  6. Septiana Wahyudianingsih, the cheerful  Designer
  7. Ali Akbar S, the thoughtful Stage Planner
  8. Karin Faizah T, the expressive Sound Engineer
  9. Raden Lerika N. R, the last Designer

What were we working for? It’s a game called Mangarumpa! We made this game in order to compete in Imagine Cup 2012 Australia, XBox/Windows Game Design Category. Although it’s not yet polished enough, maybe I’ll call this as one of our masterpiece. We really put a lot of our thoughts, time, and feelings into this game.

What is Mangarumpa! about?

Mangarumpa! is a game about Global Partnership. The story takes place in future, where the global crisis can no longer be solved autonomously. Each country need help of the others. In a United Nations Conference, all countries agree that they will help the others in every way they can. By doing so, we can save the country from a prolonged problem.

How to save each countries? It is simple. All you have to do is find the right countries which have resources to solve the problem. However, the game is not that easy. You have to play it in a right sequence. Only a right sequence will granted you 100% completion.

Here are some screenshots of our Mangarumpa!

Well, since May 23rd is the day whether this game will succeed to the Worldwide Top 10 or not, this is Mangarumpa! We love to create something new, something fresh, and something inovative.

Wait for our next works, because I assure you, we love to innovate people. 😀